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Elvis Pretzel was born 2/14/2001

 February 14th 2001 Elvis Pretzel was born - created from a national contest in the snack market to stimulate sales. Won # 2 in the whole country! 17 years later he is busy making people happy entertaining as the King!

2018 Schedule at Otto's:  He has a band to back him up now!. He's also extended the Show from 5 to 8 on Sundays.  Elvis Pretzel and the Hound Dogs will do the first and third hours. The second hour will be Benjamin Dalske 12 yrs  doing Elvis and then a Featured Guest will be singing Oldies. Therefore there will be a $10 cover charge.  

The dates are as follows:  June 24th, July 29th, August 26th, and September 30th 

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